The Bridge: Speak Your Will



The Bridge is an ambitious spaceship simulation game that puts the player in command of a futuristic interstellar warship, with the ability to control the entire crew using only verbal commands. The Bridge seats the player in the captain's chair, facing him with challenging scenarios and difficult moral decisions with consequences that could determine the fate of not only his crew but the entire galaxy.

An Infinite Universe


Immerse yourself in an ever-expanding universe of dynamically generated characters, starsystems, and plotlines that are never the same twice. Each game is a completely new adventure.

The Power of Your Voice

voice command menu

Command your ship and your officers using an intuitive and intelligent voice command system. No fumbling around with the controller to get what you want—just speak your will into action!

What Will You Choose?

captain on deck

Play your way through tense tactical situations, political intrigue, and moral conflict that will test your nerve as a captain. The choices you make will decide the fate of the entire galaxy.